bi-weekly top 5 / #6

This is being posted a bit late because the past couple weeks have been hectic but also exciting! In the past two weeks finished up at my summer job, headed off to the cottage for a week, came home, packed up and moved 2 hours away from home! Here is a little more detail on my highlights.

  1. the cottage
    this is a pretty obvious one because it’s kind of the highlight of my year anyways. I had a lovely time with my family, my cousin and his parents, my grandparents and our puppies just relaxing by the lake, reading, tanning and eating good food.
  2. going for drinks with my coworkers
    I met up with my co-workers on the 27th at the Mill Street Brewery for drinks and food. It was so fun to get to see them again after leaving a week prior, and I had a delicious beer-long-island iced tea!
  3. Reading some good books
    I got to sit and do some reading at the cottage because I actually was able to relax for once. I spent most of the week drinking coolers, sunbathing and reading, so it was great. I really enjoyed When She Woke by Hillary Jordan, a dystopian book about a woman who has an abortion (commits murder) and has to navigate life as a ‘chrome’ (criminal) and has a whole coming of age figuring out herself experience. Also Escape by Carolyn Jessop was a great memoir about a woman’s experience in the FLDS and polygamy. Follow me on Goodreads to see what I’m always reading!
  4. Moving!!
    I moved into my new apartment at school on August 31 so that I could begin my temp job at my university’s bookstore. Despite some brutal cramps all day, moving was super exciting, also grocery shopping while overwhelming made me feel very adult. I still don’t feel quite settled, but maybe once I am I will post some photos of my new room! Below is a selfie I took with my dog before we parted ways for the next 5 weeks….
  5. A sweet surprise from my lovely boyfriend
    I moved in on Wednesday expecting to be on my own for the night and lonely, when Calum texted me asking me what my plans were for dinner. I kept my cool until he admitted he was in Peterborough too, and then I squealed a little. He came over and we hung out and played cribbage and went to bed and it was so nice to have him here with me.

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